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In Rehearsal: The Graduate

Mrs. Robinson, you’re trying to seduce me. Aren’t you? And so it was that an insecure, young drifter, Benjamin Braddock was charmed into the needy arms of a much older women. On Stage:  May 2 to May 23 Based on the iconic 1967 movie, a disillusioned college graduate, Ben Braddock is trying to avoid the […]

There Has Been a Murder

Artslandia Magazine reviews Go Back for Murder

By Zoë Forsyth Who knew that murder could be so much fun? Metro Theatre’s 52nd season is well underway with its second to last production of the season, Go Back for Murder, written (and based on the book, Five Little Pigs) by Agatha Christie. A thrilling and enticing performance of unknowns, unrequited love and intrigue – […]

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