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Kudos to Metro ~ Review Vancouver reviews THE GRADUATE

“Kudos to Metro Theatre for an entertaining show!” The Graduate Dates and Venue May 2-23 | Metro Theatre Reviewer Ed Farolan ………The acting, though, was great, especially the scenes between Edwin Perez as Benjamin Braddock and Kathryn Stewart as Mrs. Robinson. The story chronicles the adventures of Benjamin Braddock, a new college grad grappling with […]


Use your VIP Discount for Holmes & Watson

Holmes and Watson Save the Empire! By Jahnna Beecham & Malcolm Hillgartner  On The Metro Stage  June 17 – June 28 In this Musical-Comedy-Mystery, the world’s most famous super-sleuth SHERLOCK HOLMES and his faithful friend and sidekick DOCTOR WATSON are thrust into a mystery that could topple the British Monarchy – and the prime suspect […]

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